Fr. Sean M. Connor


I am very happy to be part of the Pastoral Team here at Sacred Heart and Saint Thomas More.

As a family of faith we are called to work together for the building up of the kingdom here in this local church community.  

In August of 2013 I arrived here back in Weymouth as the Pastor for Sacred Heart.  I had the privilege of completing my Seminary training here in 2000-2001 under mentoring of Fr. John Sutton.  In June of 2014 I was appointed at St. Thomas More.  We soon began the work of collaboration.  We are now entering into a new phase of our Catholic life as we are called to rebuild, renew and implement the Disciples in Mission initiative. I am convinced that together we will plant the foundations for change and renewal. Change is not easy and we are continually challenged by the need to be changed. Our desire for growth and holiness will help us to change and make us to evangelize together.  I am convinced that together we will plant the foundation for a renewal that will affect the generations that will follow us.

We gather and we celebrate what Christ accomplished, the salvation of the human race.  Our identity comes from this very mystery and we proclaim it most fully in the Sacred Liturgy.  From the Eucharist we find and celebrate life and go forth from it to bear witness to it in the world.  The liturgy is the source of our very lives and it makes the Church present "and manifest her as a visible sing of the communion in Christ between God and men.  It engages the faithful in the new life of the community and involves the conscious, active, and fruitful participation of everyone." (CCC1071)  In order to see the mystery and understand it it must be "preceded by evangelization, faith, and conversion.  It can then produce its fruits in the lives of the faithful: new life in the Spirit, involvement in the mission of the Church, and service to her unity." (CCC1072)

Please know that my prayers for you and yours and my gratitude for all that you do to fulfill and support our mission and lives here.  In His Peace, Fr. Sean