Our Electronic Christmas Giving & Programs

Christmas Stockings for Nursing Home Residents: Coordinated by Mrs. Ann-Marie Murphy, Activities Director of Pope Nursing Home. Ann-Marie will deliver Christmas Stockings full of Toiletries, Adult Coloring books, and crayons to residents of John Scott, Royal, and Pope Nursing homes. This project would require that we donate 300 stockings. Your filled stockings can be brought to the collaborative business office during regular business hours.

Collaborative Electronic Giving Tree To benefit My Brother’s Keeper Families.

  • Our SHSTM Direct link: Visit www.roonga.com/mybrotherskeeperchristmasprogramshstm.

  • Choose any gifts from the “labels.” These works in the same way that a Bridal Registry does.

  • Click on to remove the gift that you wish to purchase from the registry so that no one else donates it.

  • Print out the label and attach it to the unwrapped gift.

[If you would prefer to just purchase a gift, the most requested items are scooters, Legos, video games (PS4 and XBOX One), Pots/Pans, hooded sweatshirts, comforter sets, superhero action figures, winter coats, perfume gift sets, Axe or Old Spice Gift sets, Anything Boston Sports teams, Barbie dolls and accessories, Jewelry Making gifts, science kits, drawing supplies, Infant toys, Board games, books, arts and crafts (adult and children)]

Hopefully, our collaborative parishes will-as we have always done-be able to offer needy families a wonderful Christmas despite the current pandemic…Thank you for your generosity!

Please remember, you may also purchase your items online and have them shipped directly to our Collaborative offices, just simply direct the delivery to SHSTM at 55 Commercial Street, Weymouth, MA 02188

If you need assistance for you and your family, please contact MMBK @ https://mybrotherskeeper.org/christmas/