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Our Collaborative Library is dedicated to Father Brian Smith, a life-long parishioner of Sacred Heart parish.  Father Brian, member of Boy Scout Troop 19, was an Eagle Scout and served as an altar server.  After his ordination, Father Brian served as Parochial Vicar at St. Mary's Church in Foxborough.  Father Brian went home to God on Monday Morning, June 3, 2013 following a battle with colon cancer.  He is remembered with love by many, many parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish.  This library is maintained and updated faithfully by a long time parishioner Ms. Dolores Tranquillo.  Our Collaborative Library is located outside the Sacred Heart Church hall and has many, many books and DVDs for all ages.  


Books for Teens and Adults

Children's Books

Formed.orgis a media platform of resources for all ages. This free resource, which includes books,
movies, Bible studies, and documentaries for young children through adults, may be accessed with a special parish code.

To receive the access code in order to set up your own account Contact Kevin Chapdelaine | Send a Message or Contact Maureen Simmons | Send a Message or call 781-337-6333 ext. 114 

Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)Use this link to the online version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church flipbook with references and study tools. use this free website to access all information from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. This site is a great resource for daily Bible readings, Letters to the Church from our Bishops on topics of the day, Church history, and much more. is an affiliate of Holy Cross Family Ministries and contains news, activities, podcasts, articles, and many other resources for Catholic families, especially those with younger children.